Tuesday, May 27, 2014

DIY Fairy Garden Wind Chimes

This post almost didn't happen today. It was one of those projects where I knew what I wanted to do but not quite how to do it. After hours of trying, failing and finally getting it done, I ran outside to snap my pictures in the rapidly setting sun. As you can see, I just made it!

These little wind chimes weren't that hard once I figured out how to solve the problem of how to keep everything in its place. I found some one inch bugle beads and threaded them onto long head pins, cutting the excess off and creating loops on the ends of all eight.

Using 20 gauge wire I made a ring with eight loops in it, leaving the cut ends to overlap each other. I used thinner wire to wrap around these and then bent them back to create a closure.

click picture to enlarge
I attached the bugle beads to the loops.

If I had been thinking I would have used a chain for the bar that bisects the loop ring piece and gives a place to attach the center dangle to, but I created something with wire that was complicated. I don't recommend it, lol. A chain would work really well.

For the piece that hangs and holds the charm I made a loop in one end of some 20 gauge wire and threaded my beads, then made a loop on the other end. You may have to adjust it a bit shorter like I did, to get it to look just right.

To hang the chimes I used 2mm jump rings and four sections of small link chain all linked to a 7mm jump ring. My shepherd's hook is 16 and 14 gauge wire twisted together.

Supplies: round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, 20 and 26 gauge silver wire, 14 and 16 gauge black wire, small link silver chain, 2mm jump rings, 7mm jump ring, glass E beads, silver 6mm bead, 1 inch bugle beads, head pins, moon charm

Hope your week is crafty!

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